Why Buy With Sharedworth

why buy from sharedworth

Why buy with Sharedworth?


How Sharedworth works

When you buy with a Sharedworth real estate negotiator you can relax—you’ll have a negotiator who is 100% on your side and the most advanced technology in their pockets.


Our no-pressure promise

The Sharedworth business model advocates for the customer. Sharedworth real estate negotiators are paid on your review of our service—not just commission—so we’ll always be honest and never push for an easy sale. We’d love to be the agency to get you into your next property, but if you’re not feeling its right after a few tours, no worries. We would hate to see you go, but we understand it has to feel right.


Start browsing

If you’re like most property buyers, you’re browsing property for sale day and night on Sharedworth.com. Sharedworth updates properties on our site on a very regular basis. We also advertise on all major properties classifieds in Malaysia.


 Sharedworth Negotiator Tip

When buying your next property, think about present day and future needs. Do you need space to potentially grow your family? You may like the idea of a large home, but will the garden maintenance be an issue? Adding price limits will also help you avoid properties outside of your budget.


Tour faster

In real estate, speed matters. Once you’ve found a property you’d like to see in person, you can book a tour quickly via whatsapp or email, or give us a call.


Our Teams

Your Sharedworth Negotiator will be your personal guide through the entire property-buying process, giving you honest advice on properties, writing offers when the time comes, and negotiating the best price on your behalf.

In addition to your primary negotiator, you’ll have a team of Sharedworth real estate professionals who will support you along the way. They’ll handle scheduling and logistics, and will take you on tours at your preferred times. This lets your primary negotiator focus on the most important parts of your property-buying process.


Offer and close

Now for the really exciting part. When you’re ready, your Sharedworth Negotiator will help you prepare a competitive offer and negotiate with the seller to get the best possible deal for you.


 Sharedworth Negotiator Tip

In addition to your Sharedworth Negotiator, you’ll be getting great help from our Transaction Coordinators throughout the whole closing process. Our coordinators will be in almost daily contact with you to answer questions quickly and make sure every deadline is met.

For recommendations on mortgage lenders and property valuers, Your Sharedworth Negotiator can help with contacts of who she or he trusts in your local area.


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