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7 tips on how to take great photos of your property in Malaysia

7 tips on how to take great photos of your property in Malaysia

To make sure you sell your home at the best price in Malaysia, great looking photos are very important. Most buyers will only decide to view a property if the photos look good and are what they are looking for. To help you take the best photos possible of your home, we have come up with a few simple tips and tricks for making your Malaysian home photos magazine worthy.   1. Make sure you clean your...

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What is the Value of your Property / Real Estate?

How do you determine the market value of your house? Often people wonder how the pricing decisions of houses or real estate on sale are made. Who decides how much a house is worth? and how do the banks decide how much your home is worth, when valuing your property for re-mortgage. People’s perception of market value People automatically think price is value, as we have all been subject to consumer...

selling property with sharedworth

Why sell your property with Sharedworth

How Sharedworth works If you’re thinking about selling your property, the first step in the process is finding a real estate agency to represent you. When you sell with Sharedworth, you get full service at every step and better technology compared to other real estate agencies in the industry.   Sharedworth Negotiators are on your side The Sharedworth business model advocates for the...

Seller testimonials

Sharedworth Seller Testimonials

OUR CLIENTS ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS TO US, HERE'S SOME  OF THEIR FEEDBACK ON PROPERTIES WE HAVE SOLD FOR THEM:   — Tony Lim After working with Sharedworth to sell my home in 2018, I was convinced that they are the only real estate agency I’ll ever need. It is truly a pleasure to work with Gideon – I’ve found that he keeps his client’s best interests in sharp focus and you can...

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How to close the sale of your property in Malaysia

How to close the sale of your property in Malaysia You’ve finally found a buyer for your property! Before you pop open the champagne though, there’s one thing left to do – the closing. It is a somewhat complicated and rigid process involving the transaction of documents and money so that you as the seller can transfer the ownership and possession of the property with no strings attached to the buyer....

sell house fast in malaysia

How to sell your house fast in Malaysia

People often incorrectly assume that selling a house is all about the condition of the real estate market. While it is true that there are certain things beyond your control, there are some things you can do to assure that your house sells fast in Malaysia. If you need to sell your house quickly, these tried and tested tips will help you to get offers close to (or even exceed!) your asking price. Choose...

virtual staging property

How to impress Malaysian property buyers with virtual staging

A smart seller knows that a better-looking house will be easier to sell than one that is derelict and dirty. In western countries, house-staging is a popular method to improve a house’s aesthetic appearance from the buyer’s perspective. However, the time, effort and cost it takes to prepare a traditional staging (think developer’s show houses) are beyond the realm of average Malaysian sellers. Enter...

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