Why sell your property with Sharedworth

selling property with sharedworth

How Sharedworth works

If you’re thinking about selling your property, the first step in the process is finding a real estate agency to represent you. When you sell with Sharedworth, you get full service at every step and better technology compared to other real estate agencies in the industry.


Sharedworth Negotiators are on your side

The Sharedworth business model advocates for the customer. Sharedworth real estate negotiators are paid on your review of our service—not just commission—so we’re accountable to deliver a good result. On average, properties listed with Sharedworth sell for RM5,000 more** and are 6% more likely to close within 90 days than comparable properties listed by other agencies.

You can have a free, no-obligation listing consultation with a local Sharedworth Negotiator any time.


Pricing your property

First, your Sharedworth Negotiator will ask about your selling motivations. Do you need to sell quickly or are you looking to take your time and sell for the highest price? Be upfront with your negotiator about your wants and needs.


Comparative market analysis

Sharedworth will prepare a thorough comparative market analysis (CMA), showing recent comparable property sales. We will also pinpoint the selling features of your property, and recommend improvements that could help it sell for more.

Based on your needs and the local real estate market, Sharedworth will come up with a pricing strategy to get you the best possible result.


Your listing strategy

Once you have your price set, Sharedworth will help you decide on the best time to officially put your property on the market.


 Sharedworth Negotiator Tip

If you want to sell your property fast and for more money, it’s important to list when demand is highest. Property buyers flood the market in the start to middle of the year, which results in more competition and bidding wars.

Before you open your property up to potential buyers, you want to make sure it looks its best. Your Sharedworth Negotiator will connect you with top-rated professionals to help with landscaping, cleaning, and property staging.


How Sharedworth will promote your property

A major benefit of listing with Sharedworth is our targeted, advanced digital marketing, that will help your property sell for the best price.


Premium placement on Sharedworth.com

We have one of the most engaging property listing sites in Malaysia. So selling with Sharedworth gets your property in front of more buyers. Your property will have premium placement on highly trafficked pages on our website, resulting in significantly more views from active buyers in your area.


Open houses

We’ll host an open house that we’ll promote online to buyers searching in your area.


 Sharedworth Negotiator Tip

If we notice you’re getting lots of views and favorites, but no offers, it could mean your property is priced too high. Your Sharedworth Negotiator will tell you what she or he thinks could be causing the discrepancy.


Accepting an offer

Your Sharedworth Negotiator will discuss each offer with you and advise you on the optimal negotiation approach to meet your needs. After you and the buyer agree to the terms of the transaction, your negotiator will continue to work through any additional negotiations around possible property inspections or other contingencies in the contract.


Sharedworth selling commission

Sharedworth Negotiators charge only 2% to sell your property, while still delivering the best full-service experience. Our technology makes us more efficient, and we pass that value back to you, our valued customer.

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